Client: AccuPS

Role: Design Lead/Redesigned VR game controller and tracker to enhance ergonomics and user experience

Accups strongly believe that one of the essential ingredients for the success of VR and AR is a solution for natural 3D interactions. Accups's unique 360-degree inside-out tracking technology enables natural and intuitive 3D interactions in virtual and augmented reality without any complicated installations and maintenance.

In situations with limited visibility, the curved shape provides a sense of security to the user and prevents accidental loss of grip.

The tracker is designed to be attached at the back of the VR for 360 degree sensor sensing

VR Game Controller


Plug-and-play ready

Small hand-held controllers

Prevents accidental loss of grip

Controller Tracker


No Wire,No Need for Line-of-sight

360-degree inside-out tracking

Attached at the back of the VR


  • No Need for Line-of-sight: AeroWand utilizes an electromagnetic signal that can penetrate most hard materials, including the human body, without distortion or attenuation, and consequently does not suffer from occlusion issues.

  • No Heavy Computation: All computations are done in the AeroWand controller, and no additional computation for positioning is required on the paired computer side. The paired computer recognizes AeroWand as a standard HID device. 

  • No Wire: The 3D interaction device is fully untethered, making its installation and maintenance super easy. 

  • 360-degree inside-out tracking: The transmitter can be easily integrated in any VR or AR headset for 360-degree inside-out tracking.








All computing performed on each controller

  • Ultra low latency

  • Super fast tracking speed

  • No additional computing

  • Plug-and-play ready

  • Platform independent

  • Support mobile VR

No bulky optical markers

  • Small hand-held controllers


Inside-out 6DOF hands tracking​​
  • No external camera, laser, or antenna.

  • 360-degree tracking

    • No occlusion

    • No line-of-sight.

  • Tiny transmitter integrated in VR or AR headset.

Design process