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Smart home 


Solo Project

Project duration: 2 days

Smart home voice control device's voice recognition isn't perfect. It often fails to hear my voice. There are 5 seconds pauses after I call, "hey smart home". It's uncertain whether the device hears me. This design resolves the uncertainty with the light feedback and simple screen. It also offers flexible orientation to place the device on the shelf or hang it on the wall. The device itself also can function as indirect lighting as a furniture piece. A screen that shows simple information allows users can interact with the physical devices without looking at the smartphone. Sometimes using a physical object through the phone add additional sequences that bring tiresomely. Simple interaction with the object itself is a more pleasant and clean experience unless users need complicated options to set something. 


You know, you want to control the physical device when your family falls asleep, you can simply interact with the device without shouting like "hey smart home, turn off the light" or turn on the phone, go to the app, tap the menu and turn off the light.

on the white wall.png
on the wall.png
top view.png

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