Client: JUA technology, Start-up


Role: Help the Jua technology design the look, feel, and user experience of  of smart agricultural products such as Dehytray using renewable energy sources 

Outcome: The industrial design of the sun-drying tray, including its size, shape, color, and materials, as well as the user experience, including how to use, deliver product

The DEHYTRAY™ was designed for optimum drying of foods using natural solar energy. The tray was developed through a rigorous design approach based on drying fundamentals; ergonomic, portability and aesthetic requirements; survey of small grower drying needs; dried crop assured quality, manufacturability and distribution at scale. The DEHYTRAY™ is a simple solar tray for hygienic sun-drying solution for home, small and medium growers.





Company's objectives

Core value

Dehytray reflects the value we place on innovative designs that are both functionally creative and aesthetically appealing. This project's social consciousness moves us to address three of the global challenges we face in the 21st century - the elimination of food insecurity and global hunger, poverty and reduction of greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energy. These are values that address the pains and prosperity of small growers, the health of our planet, and a business strategy built on shared prosperity for all.

Our solutions address three key sustainable development goals (SDG)

Experiment of patterns

We examined optimal size and number of holes for efficient drying. For smaller (larger) trays, I increased (decreased) the size while decreased (increased) the number of holes. At the same time, the total number of holes is dependent on the underlying pattern.


Sun dry nutrients naturally for premium quality


Cover protects product from from pilferage by birds, rodents and domesticated animals, as well as dust, thereby providing a clean hygienic drying environment to achieve premium quality dried products.

Injection molded product using a polypropylene copolymer that meets FDA standards for food contact applications. Non-absorbent material that is easy to clean in accordance  with Health Departments food equipment sanitary requirements.

L: 16.21in (411.80mm)

W: 33.86in (851.81mm)

H: 4.98in (126.37mm)

Optimum Drying

The DEHYTRAY™ was designed for optimum drying of foods using natural solar energy. The vents on the floor and side walls are engineered to allow maximum heat flow through and across the product, and moisture venting out of the tray. This design provides an ideal drying environment by rapidly heating up the drying environment to temperatures above ambient to twice ambient temperatures in a nice sunny day, while decreasing the humidity of the drying environment.

Drying Efficiency Test

Temperatures in the DEHYTRAY™ increase by two-folds over the ambient, thereby increasing drying rates by up to 24 to 36 hours compared with open-air sun drying

Humidity levels inside the drying chamber are decreased by the high temperatures, thereby enhancing drying quality

What can be dried

Dehytray™ in America

Dehytray has been carried out in the USA (Indiana, Georgia, California), Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria and Tajikistan.  Dehytray is also being field tested for use in South Africa, Peru, Nicaragua, and Ghana. Crops include tomato, green leafy vegetables, okra, mint, apples, plantain, yams, herbs and spices.

Dehytray™ in Africa

" Dehytray is to ensure food security with profitability in small grower agriculture by reducing food losses and wastage using innovative technologies that harness renewable energy to dry foods into high-quality shelf stable food products. Positively impacting lives is central to Dehytray. "