Short-term UX research and industrial design at Double me 


Role: Contributed in UX research such as user flow, information contents, user journey, user gestures for hololdash 

        Ideation of Holotube prototyping

HoloDash HHVI Engine provides a bespoke user interface designed for our custom Holographic Human-Vehicle Interface (HHVI), 

HoloDash is designed for interactive holographic experiences, controlled by your gestures and voice. Engage with your holographic assistant and content.


Implement test on self driving shuttle


HoloDash had a collaboration with self driving shuttle called gateway in Greenwich, UK. We tested how holodash can help passengers's behavior in the self driving car. For example, passengers can ask to holodash to stop at night bridge station or how many stops left etc. 


UX research

User gesture, User flow, OBD ideation

Second generation of HoloDash

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