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Inflatable Tableware


Erato Lab, Tokyo, Japan

Team project: Heeju Kim, Young Ah Seong

Role: Design Researcher. Contributed Idea generation, experiments 

This design in process is a compact and portable tableware set using thermal energy driven actuator. The actuator consists of a pouch and low boiling point liquid inside and inflates when contacted with an outer thermal source. This material is lightweight and durable in its pre-expansion state, so that tableware can be folded like a piece of paper. When inflated, a pair of rectangular pieces become hard enough to be used as chopsticks. The final set will include chopsticks, spoons, and a variety shape of bowl and dishes.

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When the liquid inside reaches a boiling point (34C), the folded pouch swells in the form of a chopstick. Variety of pouch forms that are convertible into spoons, bowls and dishes will be included in the tableware set. 

Experiment of material

Eating cup noodle...

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