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Smart toothbrush


IDEO x Perrigo


Team: Industrial Designer, Design Researcher, Electrical Engineer, Graphic Designer, Interaction Designer, Prototyper, Business Designer  

Project Details: A 28-week  professional project designing a brand new smart toothbrush that will launch in 2023. 

How might we help client explore the oral care space and uncover the habits of Millennials and Gen Z that might lead to promising insurgent brand opportunities of their own with an eye towards leading to more independence from retailers? 

We began by conducting research to deeply understand the oral hygiene journey for Millennials and Gen Z. The oral care product space is crowded and competitive; identifying user needs was key to revealing rich opportunity areas in product development for the client—particularly around the idea of a “Simple & Smart” very portable electric toothbrush with minimal charging needs.

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At the core of this innovation lies the concept of "Simple & Smart." Imagine a toothbrush that artfully bridges the gap between manual and electric brushes, offering the best of both worlds. This visionary concept combines the straightforwardness of a manual toothbrush with the cutting-edge features of an electric one, all packaged in a sleek and recognizable form. Picture a dental care companion that effortlessly adapts to your busy lifestyle, enhancing your oral hygiene regimen like never before. It's a wire-free toothbrush charger that seamlessly plugs into any outlet and uses a waterproof magnetic connector to securely hold the brush in place during charging, and designed with a size that ensures accessibility to other plugs, allowing for simultaneous use of devices like a hair dryer.


 Our smart design uses color-changing LEDs to guide your brushing pressure (white for good, red for too much) and shows charging speed (pulses while charging, steady when done). No more waiting – it charges instantly and lasts longer. Plus, the charger is designed to accommodate both horizontal and vertical orientations, ensuring compatibility with any outlet, and it also has the capability to charge two toothbrushes simultaneously from a single charger.


The head is recyclable and replaceable. We collaborated with the engineering team from Perrigo to thoroughly test and ensure the robust security of the mechanism, making it chocking proof.


In crafting our color, material, and finish approach, we are focused on crafting a visual language that resonates deeply with the millennial and Gen Z demographics. Our intention is to encapsulate an aura of invigorating cleanliness and revitalization, a palette that not only pleases the eye but also speaks to the aspirations of these conscious and environmentally aware generations. Infused within this aesthetic tapestry are the vital threads of "natural" and "sustainable," elements that echo the values these demographics hold dear. As we embark on this creative journey, we are also delving into the realm of innovative packaging, exploring alternatives that align harmoniously with our commitment to sustainability, as we endeavor to make a meaningful contribution to the world we share.


Some of behind scenes...

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Working prototypes that we sent our to participants for the  user research

Participants used the prototypes for 2-3days and gave us feedback on what could be improved and what kind of aspect they are buying it. 

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