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Coronalime top.278.png

Corona in a can 


IDEO x Corona

Project duration: 

Team: Industrial designer, Visual communication designer, Design researcher, Food scientist

We had a primary, foundational question when we initiated the project.

How might we uncover engaging new can designs and secondary packaging for Corona that celebrate both the user experience and the Corona brand?

Coronalime top.283.png

This new iconic Corona can is specially designed for consumers to easily practice the ritual of squeezing lime into the can.

The lime indentation and basic instructions on the can lid subtly guide users on how to interact with the can and lime. It features Wedge-Shaped opening. It's slightly larger than a standard opening and in the shape of the lime wedge to accommodate the ritual of putting lime into the beer.


Sleek yellow tab draws attention and the concave shape cues the ability to be pressed down. User can press down on the tab to squeeze the lime without having to touch it in an unsanitary way with their fingers. The tab rotates 180 degrees which allows the user to fully squeeze the lime wedge from all angles. The wider tab allows to cover more area of wedge.

Coronalime top.267.png

The beautifully sloped top surface facilitates the flow of lime juice into the mouth opening. The raised rim and rounded edges enhance the mouthfeel and provide a drinking experience reminiscent of glass.

Coronalime front2.png

The slimmer rim helps the manufacturing process by saving materials and enhances the clean esthetic.  Allows the secondary packaging case to be used as a “table” -  the can is placed in the hole cut-outs and the tapered shape keeps it in place.

Coronalime secondary.296_photoshopped.png
Coronalime secondary.297-photoshopped.png

The secondary packaging involves allowing the secondary packaging case to function as a "table." The can can be positioned within the cut-out holes, and the tapered shape of the packaging keeps the can securely in place. The top of the box has a small half-circle shaped hole that can be easily lifted to open the box like a gift.

Some behind scenes...

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