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IDEO x La-Z-Boy

Project duration: 10 weeks

Team: Industrial designers, Mechanical engineer, Design researcher

"What does the future of comfort mean for La-Z-Boy and How might we sharpen La-Z-Boy’s definition of comfort to be distinct and ownable?" 


As La-z-boy’s primary consumer was aging, our goal was to retain the brand's heritage of motion and comfort while giving it a modern twist. For the younger generation, adaptability, flexibility, and durability are the key appealing points. The Matrix is a motion modular living system that can be customized for any stage of your life. You can simply add recliner parts and upgrade it from a basic unit to a recliner. It is the first modular furniture system that introduced a recliner, which we call motion components. 


Recognizing the strong desire for long-lasting furniture, our idea goes beyond typical movable pieces. We focus on extending the La-Z-Boy's life from 5 to 30 years, meeting the demand for durability and nurturing a lasting bond with the brand. With options to upgrade or downgrade as needed, we aim to keep customers loyal for a long time.

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In a world full of modular furniture choices, what sets this concept apart is its unique focus on motion. There is no other modular furniture that allows you to interact with the motion components. This aligns perfectly with La-Z-Boy's strengths in comfort and motion. Adding movement to modular chairs makes them more flexible and adaptable, which is exactly what the younger generation looks for when buying furniture. It's not just about making furniture; it's about creating an experience that evolves with your needs.

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Aesthetically, we have captured the heritage of La-Z-Boy's design language, characterized by puffiness and a plush appearance. While it retains its comfortable and puffy surface, the outlines are crisp and clean, lending it a youthful appearance. We have modernized the overall look and feel to create a timeless design that appeals to both younger and elderly generations.


Physical interaction is a crucial aspect when it comes to creating delightful moments for users. We've noticed that the industry lacks the ability to provide users with intuitive and fun ways to control their recliners. As such, we've been exploring the use of a simple slide interaction and the bending of armrests to enable more natural and intuitive movements.  By using the swipe gesture that people already know from their devices, we've made controlling chairs easier and more intuitive.

Some behind scenes...

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