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Phone Sanitizer & Charger


IDEO x UV angel

Team: Industrial designer, Product designer, Mechanical engineer, Design researcher, Prototyper

UV Angel has developed technology to enable safe and easy at-home sanitizing and was looking to design a device that seamlessly fits into people’s lives. During this project phase, we collaborated in crafting phone sanitizer and charger concepts from the ground up. Our efforts involved exploring diverse form factors that were shaped by critical factors like UV light dispersion, safety considerations, and user-friendliness.

We developed four distinct directions, that led to one final winner concepts. The client subjected these options to rigorous testing and eventually selected a single concept, known as Bar to serve as their upcoming flagship product. (2054) (1).gif (2055) (1).gif (454).gif (2053) (1).gif (453).gif (46).gif (60).gif (60).gif (2056) (1).gif (666).gif (48).gif (777) (1).gif (778) (1).gif (550) (1).gif (1111).gif (61).gif (653).gif (753) (2).gif (50) (1).gif

Research helped establish our design boundaries. In this era, the phone is paramount, and people desire easy access. This led us to create an ambient mode cleaning device with greater flexibility in orientation to ensure phone accessibility. Additionally, people want to be certain that the UV light poses no harm in any situation. This led us to consider the use of a light ring that blinks when people approach and promptly shuts down.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 1.02.08 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 1.02.18 AM.png

A nested cylinder (“lighthouse”) forms the centerpiece of the design integrating UV optics, display, and the key touchpoint. Embracing the concept that "Your Phone is King," the symmetrical design ensures effortless positioning within reach and continuous access to your phone. It embodies modern simplicity as a minimal design of the device seamlessly integrates into your home environment.

The "Ledge" offers a fresh take on the lighthouse idea, making you feel secure with its protective design around the UV light source. The front extension of the cap also boosts cleaning efficiency more than the original lighthouse design.

This particular "Bar" form factor enhances the efficiency of UV optic light dispersion, thus elevating cleaning performance. The linear alignment of the bar shape with the tray allows for both landscape and portrait orientations, amplifying the flexibility and accessibility of usage.



The "Downlight" concept is designed for highly efficient UV coverage, with light coming from above to cover the phone surface well. However, the extruded shape could make it harder to interact with and see the phone, and it might not work as well with different device positions.

unnamed (3).png
Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 7.02.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 7.02.43 PM.png

The team was able to make the model match the simulation results for the UV cleaning target (item #1 above), allowing the team to improve our architecture guesses as input to Dr. Halloran's simulations.

The wide bar helps spread UV light efficiently. The UV light source is placed at the tip of the bar in two sections, making it stronger and speeding up cleaning. The top part has a precise cutout to control and direct UV light properly, preventing it from going where it's not needed.

The pad material is quartz glass, a technical necessity for allowing UV light to pass through and effectively reflect, thus ensuring comprehensive coverage of the phone's bottom part. We used this material choice to visualization of invisible UV light into visible que so people have more commitment how uv light is working now.  

The light ring on top communicates safety and usage. When it's cleaning, it pulses slowly. If it senses someone approaching, it blinks quickly to warn about getting too close. Once it's very close, it shuts down, and the light ring turns off.

perspective perspective white edit.png
perspective perspective blue edit.png
perspective perspective gray p.png
perspective perspective brown edit.png

We explored five different CMF options—three for the basic model and two for the premium model. One distinctive feature we incorporated was the addition of a metallic material accent on the top of the bar, enhancing its luxurious aesthetics.

perspective perspective brown bk3.jpg
perspective side2 edit.png
perspective front sharp.png

We offer a range of CMF options, including premium selections, to cater to diverse consumer preferences. During our user research sessions, we specifically asked the question, "Where do you envision placing this device?" Based on user feedback, Based on user feedback, many intend to showcase our design as an interior piece in their living rooms or opt for convenient office placement. The basic model features simple color choices, making it a perfect fit for offices and shared spaces, while the premium model boasts a furniture-like aesthetic that seamlessly blends with other decor elements in your home.

on the desk front edit.png

Some behind scenes...

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